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SmartPesa | Why Is What We Do So Hard?
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Why Is What We Do So Hard?

Why Is What We Do So Hard?

An important reality to share is our experience integrating with banks and financial institutions in emerging markets (where we operate), and its hard.

A banks transactioning system is often many many years old. Mainframe screens of log files for our analysis of payment messages. We simply shake our heads; the world should not be operating like this!

Lagacy systems bog down financial service providers. They struggle to innovate ontop of these old but essential and entrenched systems. A whole team of engineers supporting these hosts and softwares. This legacy does not support JSON, APIs, or modern web services. Its raw network sockets. Stream of binary data. ASCII and BCD encoding. Hex conversions and serialisation. Ugh. And worse, the bank has no specs. This is where SmartPesa comes in!

Our experience and excellent engineers know how to overcome these hurdles, deploy our tech and bring payments and agency banking into the last-mile – far from these black-and-blue mainframes.