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SmartPesa | Presenting In Cambodia
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Presenting In Cambodia

Presenting In Cambodia

Breaking news! We’ve were invited to present at the “Cambodia Banking Micro-finance Conference & Awards 2016” conference in Phnom Penh, and hosted by IDG. We tied up with our excellent local partner Deam who’ve been invaluable in assisting us on the ground with introductions, presentations and follow up opportunities.

The event aligned perfectly to our message on payments and agency banking for financial inclusion. SmartPesa set up with local partner Deam for live demonstrations and in-depth talks

Thorsten took a selfie of the packed room of Cambodian delegates.

Online copy of our presentation: http://www.mediafire.com/file/9zglmpqalftkr9r/4._Mr._Thorsten_Solving_the_Banking_last_mile.pptx